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sounds like the same thing I found, then. like I say, I’ve cracked it for now with this delay unit…. but it’s a nuisance having to tweak the thing whenever I change tempo.

din-sync, very sensibly, was a dedicated stream of pulses (24 or 48 ppqn, depending whether you were roland or korg, but otherwise compatible) with the start/stop carried on a separate wire.
midi tries to get everything down a single wire (the other active connection is a steady 5V reference, while the ground wire is usually connected only at one end), which means 16 channels-worth of note-on/off, continuous controllers, patch changes, sys-ex & all the rest, fighting for space at 32.5 kbaud. somewhere in amongst that is the realtime clock data & commands. they’re supposed to be prioritised, but how does that happen in practise? it doesn’t.
besides that, as I have been told, midi "start" & clock bytes are supposed to be separate, & it appears that they are not, in the octopus’ current implementation.

might try an email to genoqs, since they don’t appear to be watching this thread..