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Hi Sinosphere,

what a wonderful setup (imo)!
In a quite similar setup I would probably setup an Octopus as the master clock and control the TR909 (one MIDI channel) and the MD (another MIDI channel) directly via MIDI.
The SH101, the AKS and the ARP2600 can be controlled via the Kenton interface, while I assume that the TB303 will run on its own sequencer (unless it is hooked up to the Kenton as well).
In terms of the actual routing, you have two outs on Octopus. So one out could go to the emagic box which will provide the signal for the TR909, MD, and the Kenton interface, and possibly interface to the soft synths.
Then you still have an out on the Octopus to go to some other, further MIDI target.
In any event, it seems that you will still have lots of resources on the Octopus to add further equipment down the road.
The bandwidth is similarly available on Nemo, but if you want your sequencing all in one place (i.e. no "delegation" to the TR909 and MD sequencers) Octopus is probably the better choice. If you do "distributed" sequencing, then Nemo may be the nicer machine.
Hope this helps.


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