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Sorry to keep replying to my own posts, but I
am trying to nut this out best I can.

I think I can rule out the MIDI loop coming from Logic.

If I assign and arm a track for recording, as soon
as I hit Play on the Octopus, I get an instant
MIDI loop and all the output data is coming right
back in.

I know the MIDI echo feature in the Octopus is a recent thing. So perhaps most people haven’t come across the problem yet.

I was wondering if it were possible to add a switch to enable/disable echoing the MIDI output back to the Input via the firmware? I know this would fix my
problem pretty much. A bit like a "local control"
setting or whatever.

Maybe I am totally off the beam. But I have tried
different combinations of connections and come to the
same result. In any case, I guess I need more
advise. Output of the Octopus itself is fine.
It is only when enabling MIDI input record mode it
goes into a loop and I have had to reset it from
locking up a couple of times tonight already.

Any advise would be welcome!

Made some progress. I pulled the MIDI In of the
Octopus out of the AMT interface and plugged it straight into my controller keyboard MIDI out.

Then I setup and armed a track – it was able to
be triggered by my keyboard no problems.

This tells me that Logic is somehow echoing
everything back to the Octopus, which is
accepting the data and feeding back into a MIDI loop.

But now I can see no way forward with Logic to
fix this.

What I think will fix it is me spending more money
on a MIDI Thru box for my controller keyboard,
which only has MIDI In/Out, but no Thru.
So the idea would be to split the Output of my controller to go to Logic via the MIDI interface
for "legacy" purposes and send MIDI messages from
it via a direct split of the MIDI out, when I need
to arm Record and play into a track directly.

But this is a messy solution. Does anyone else
think that being able to enable/disable the MIDI
echo Out of the Octopus would work here? My feeling
is that it would. But I am new to this. I don’t
really feel like spending another $60 on a Thru box,
when the software hackers could possibly do a switch
in the firmware, but I am probably asking too much,
too early :whistle:


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