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rachel wrote:

Can I jack both MIDI ports 1 & 2 into my AMT-8
and then access all 32 channels of the Octopus
(via channel splitters on each Port) without anything
getting confused? I have lots of free ports as I
have 2xAMT-8 plus a Unitor. I have not decided yet
whether to make Logic or the Octopus Sync master, either. Mine should be here by December!

Yes you can. The channelsplitter object does the trick. Just assign 16 instruments (with proper outport and channel setting) to one channelsplitter. And 2 channel splitters makes 32 channels.

Unfortunately Logic CAN’T be synced to incoming midiclock. They skipped that feature from Logic 5 and upwards. So in your scenario Logic must be the master and Octopus the slave. It all depends how stable Logic send out it’s clocksignal and how forgiving Octopus is regarding drift.