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Lars D. Terkelsen

Okay, new idea for expansion of hypersteps:

You know how one step can contain more notes, but only one will play? And how one step can be given a random probability using the same chord feature?
All this could be applied to the hyperstep!
Result: The hyped track will play at this pitch OR that pitch. Or the hyped track will play or not play (at the probability you set using the chord buttons). How does that sound? Cool or what?
And the great thing (I think) is that it is totally building on what we already have. Nothing new to learn, just apply old stuff to new feature.

Oh, and there seems to be something funny (bug-ish) about the hyperstep containing its own "normal" note. This does not seem usefull to me. I would much rather that the moment a step becomes a hyperstep, its "normal" step note ceases to exist. This would also in line with the above feature expansion.