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Hello Monobass and Breitt, and sorry for the late reply to the topic.

There is no problem of course with my statement above, as we of course stand to it. It is hard to tell from a distance how well the machine (in this case Nemo) will suit your needs, but here some facts about the available functionality:

– You may save the full set of 64 Pages (256 tracks) to flash, so you can have them all back when you turn the machine on.
– You may export everything to SYSEX and therefore store several of these data sets outside the machine.
– You may reload data via SYSEX into the machine at playtime (without stopping the sequencer), which means you can play one portion of the data while you feed it fresh one, to be faded in later, if that is needed.
– You have the snapshot function, which allows you to remember a state of the page you are playing, let you modify anything in it (maybe change it beyond recognition) and then return to the "original" state when the snapshot was taken.
– You can also recall individual pages from flash memory, also at playtime (running sequencer). So for example you may start the machine, load it up with SYSEX data, and then during the performance gradually switch over to the internally saved data. Just one way to do things of course.

Whether the Nemo "framework" is large enough to fit your music, is a question I cannot answer at this point, so you may provide some more details for discussion. Hope this helps to some degree.