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Julian Parker

Thanks for your reply Gabriel! I’ve actually contributed a little to the discussion you linked already, and it seems like things are moving towards a satisfying solution :)

This has to do with the fact that in page mode we want the steps to toggle as soon as you press the button, not release the button. What you suggest would of course solve the issue above, but in my opinion feels unnatural in the general use case where you simply toggle steps.

I guess this is maybe a question of personal preference. Normally when I toggle steps, I press the button and release quickly. In this situation for me, there would be very little difference between the step toggling on ‘button down’ or on ‘button up’. The only time I press and hold a step in this mode, is when I tweak it – in which case the immediate toggle on ‘button down’ is annoying.

I can see why the current behaviour might be an advantage if you like to toggle steps with a slower button press, but I imagine (perhaps incorrectly!) that most people don’t work this way.

Anyone else have an opinion on this issue?