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It’s first time to post my messerge here.
I’m Japanese and live in Tokyo, so my description in English may be confusing.
My Vampire(OS 1.60) has arrived a few days ago, and I feel happy to be with this incredible machine. 😆 I’m sure Octpus is the most revolutionary sequencer in the history.

By the way, I have a trouble similar to LDT’s problem.
I can’t make it return to the head of chainings in page clusters.
I always want to make it return from the head of the chain,
but it always returns to start from the last row which it has played.

For example, in the case the track chain of row 9 through 6 from page 1 to 2,
the first playing is no problem, it plays row 9,8,7,6 of page 1 and then row 9,8,7,6 of page 2.
But it returns to play row 6,9,8,7 of page 1 to page 2.
In the third time playing of loops, it repeat from 7,6,9,8 each page.
Likewise it repeat from 8,7,6,9 each page in the forth time.
It does the same things when it’s played both using page repeat and page length.
This problem occurs in grid live mode as well.
Though the first loop plays as I expected,
it plays from the last row whenever I toggle pages intentionally.