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Xab wrote:

Yes I understand what you mean. I forgot to precise that I was meaning a fixed-pitch note. As if I was pressing a key on a keyboard for a long time. Pitch bending can happen while the voice is sounding as would any other CC. Hope this helps.

OK – I also forgot to mention that pitch bend will of course bend the whole channel, not only that one note.
What I still wonder about is – if you want to have notes that long, why are you concerned with losing resolution (slowing down the track tempo)?
After all, you are saying you need 1/192 resolution for notes longer than 4 bars.
Is that really the case?

After all, step lengths are defined in units of 1/16ths up to effectively 16/16ths.
A way around this could be to have the length increase over-linearly after passing a certain threshold, such as 8/16th for example.. That means, a mapping similar to the following:

Length value Played length
1 to 8/16 1 to 8/16th
9/16 10/16
10/16 12/16
11/16 16/16
12/16 32/16
13/16 40/16
14/16 48/16
15/16 64/16

As you see, here again you lose resolution, but this time in terms of the length, not the startpoint. So it all boils down to what you are after..

Anyone else any thoughts on this?