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gseher wrote:

Problem is, in MIDI a note is defined by at least its note on message – so by that token you would have no way to trigger later notes – well, unless you were pitch bending, I guess.
That may get messy and unprecise (since pitch bend interpretation on the synth is adjustable and not hard-defined), but maybe that’s the way to go?

Yes I understand what you mean. I forgot to precise that I was meaning a fixed-pitch note. As if I was pressing a key on a keyboard for a long time. Pitch bending can happen while the voice is sounding as would any other CC. Hope this helps.

As far as the "panic" feature goes, probably the "all controllers off" message is welcome. I was wondering what setting a controller off was actually meaning and I discovered that it is a reset to default values for some controllers, which I think is a very welcome thing in case something goes wrong. Thanks for enhancing, Gabriel !