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on my side, there is something that I still have problems to figure out.
I understand from the manual that you can have notes played legato if the length is set to the max.
After some email discussion with Gabriel, I understood that there were valid reasons that legato is implemented in the following manner:
– if length is set to max, then no NOTE OFF is sent for the current step. However a NOTE ON is sent on the following step.

It is my understanding that a polyphonic synthesizer would see its polyphony eaten up rapidly depending on the voice allocation. For a mono synth, it would be a bit simpler but possibly with a retrigger of some envelopes.

One of my goals being simply to be able to create long pads, I would have expected that there is a way that two or more steps are tied together (i.e. no NOTE OFF nor NOT ON between two steps) so that I do not have to resort using different track speeds, effectively reducing track resolution.
Possibly, we could get that ‘tie’ feature in a future revision of the OS.

Please forgive me if there are some misunderstandings on my side but that is how I see things at the moment.
Your feedback is welcome.


PS: another thing I asked to Gabriel is if the Octopus could implement a kind of a ‘Panic’ button. That would basically mean a button or a combination of key presses that would lead the Octopus to send an ALL NOTES OFF and an ALL SOUNDS OFF messages on all channels of both MIDI outputs.