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I have been more in the habit of saving the entire machine state when I get to a milestone

…that is what I do also – but, I have not yet loaded the saved information back; does this really work?

…and, what I’d love to do is to save different setups on the computer, and push them onto the Octopus during a performance session like:

[code:1]Octopus-state_01 = song1 + song2 + song3
(pause, load Octopus from computer)
Octopus-state_02 = song4 + song5 + song6
…but if I understand correctly, this will not work in case I upgrade the Octopus to the next OS-version, as the saved information may or may not be compatible?

…sorry, I just realize that I am moving off-topic…:whistle:

Best wishes,