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Here are some notes I saved for my own use about Nemo bugs. Some bits have been taken directly from others’ remarks in the forum. I haven’t been using Nemo often enough lately to be totally up with the details:

••POS Bug, fixed but fix was not implemented by 1.62:
Changing the POS introduces a high pitched note at step 5.
If you change the POS of copied/pasted tracks, the pitch of the 5th step of the ORIGINAL track is transposed up by 16 semitones or so. If you change the POS of the original track, more steps are affected as they scroll to the 5th position.

••SYNC Bug: Nemo’s Track 3 goes out of sync after certain mode switches–I have forgotten what it takes to make that happen. Maybe someone else can fill in this info.

••Grid Modes should probably behave the same as Octopus version 1.62_jk02 for consistency (?)

Not sure about status of Nemo re this Octopus observation, how important it is, or what to do about it:
••Track RMX only generates random notes, fixed but fix was not implemented by 1.62.
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Robert, I have an idea for Octopus and perhaps for Nemo too, regarding internally automated scale changes, i.e. stored chord progressions that may be applied to saved tracks that are not set to a chromatic scale for drums–which to a large extent follows the model and which Gabriel seemed to like. The idea is taken from my Max-built maxWerk program. I’d rather describe it to you privately and find out if it sounds practical to implement before presenting it in detail in the Octopus forum section. Like Adam’s new Nemo idea, unless enabled, this functionality would be out of sight and out of mind.