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Personally I’d need that for live use, I normally use a Ploytec 34one II for that, which works pretty well, but ergonomics wise…
If I have to bring the octopus to a gig (I am seriously considering a custom suitcase version) I’d rather use the tap on the octopus than footswitch (has implications for start stop).

I think it should be even more essential for the Nemo, which is supposed to be the portable performance friendly little brother of the Octopus. If you are playing with live musicians you need to be able to resync continuosly (unless you really want to convince all of them to play to click).

The tap tempo in stop mode could be implemented by tapping on the stop button instead of play…

In the studio I use the tap tempo on the machinedrum or software so I don’t need the functionality on the octopus for studio use.