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Sounds good so far. I would even like to see rechannelize available outside of recording, maybe it could be done by arming tracks for record (which triggers the rechannelizing) and then not being forced to actually record when hitting play, so have a second mode where the recording can be "punched-in" during playback?

So you would choose the type of record mode by clicking or double-clicking when grabbing a track for recording, one click would be normal record, indicated by a solid red LED, double-clicking would select punch-in recording by a blinking red LED. If you hit play while in punch-in recording, it doesn’t actually record until you hit the record button again, and then goes to a solid red LED. This would be more in line with how a DAW works.

It could even be more simplified, by using the RECORD+PLAY convention of a normal transport control. RECORD+PLAY immediately starts recording, while just PLAY (while recording is armed) starts playback, then you can hit record after playback has started to punch-in.

Anyways, good work, I hope Gabriel can give it a look and incorporate these changes in a future OS revision!