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Adam Wilson

Okay guys, all of the above made it into v1.60. Here’s a list of changes:

Global record mode, as seen on DAWs.

Track arming, as seen on DAWs.

Armed tracks have monitoring forced to Mixed mode, where both the track’s own data and data made available on the input are mixed together).

Tracks can be armed in Stop, Play and Record mode.

Auto rechannel of MIDI input to MCH of armed track if only 1 track is armed in the page. Multi-record of MIDI input if more than one track is armed for the page. When changing pages, the rules are reconsidered.

When a page has a dedicated Scaling activated, the monitoring is done scaled as well.

Armed tracks can be left armed in a page when switching to another page.

Only the current page is recorded into. The others are ignored.

Rehearsing. That is, arm a track, play without global Record mode enabled. To actually record, switch on Record mode, play, and switch it off again (or press Stop).

In Track and TrackMap (and I think) Step mode the REC button automagically arms the track *and* enables global Record mode. So no rehearsing there. Still, it’s a lot of fun to record in Track mode by switching tracks using the MIX rotaries.

Page record mode (where you can e.g. record into a Step) is now enabled by PAGE+REC.

Step Record mode (part of Page record mode) now supports monitoring as well.