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Adam Wilson

Hi Gabriel, thanks for the reply.

Regarding #1, I think I understand now:

The Octo’s resolution is 192 units per *whole* note, not 192 PPQN, as I initially assumed (so the Octo has 48 PPQN reso). One step of a 16-step track at normal speed covers 192/16=12 of these units.

When doing a realtime recording into an empty track, an incoming note is assigned to the step currently being scanned, and the note’s timing offset relative to the metronome beat is stored in the step’s STA parameter, if it is not yet defined. That’s how the Octo is able to recreate the timing of the original midi input, within the given resolution of course.

Now as long as notes from the live input are recorded in fresh, new steps of the track, the note’s timing is recorded fine. However, if two or more notes ‘hit’ the same step in the track, all those notes will be stored with the same STA value, since STA is a property of the step, and not a property of each of the multiple notes that can be stored in a single step.


Regarding #2, is there a way to change the time between steps? For instance, can I have a track of 1/16th notes, except for step 5 which is 1/4 of a note long? That is, can I change the speed of the scanning cursor on a per-step basis?

Thanks in advance,