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Adam Wilson

gseher wrote:

Events are available for the 10 track core attributes only (see labeling on the matrix rows). Track clock multiplier is not one of them.
Anyway, for the proposed "analog" sequencer usecase, a dedicated implementation model would likely be more suitable.
At a programming level, it would imply an extension to the cursor advance engine, at an interface level at least a switch selecting between "legacy" and standard play mode of a track. Nice you proposed there!

Too bad the track clock specifiers cannot be addressed from events. Could have been fun!

Regarding legacy/standard play mode, the best option of course would be to not have any mode added to the system and find some standard way to implement steps with a variable size, but defaulting to the standard 12 ticks per step. That would mean however that a track no longer has a fixed size of 192 resolution ticks, but now depends on the accumulated sizes of each of the steps. Sounds kinda drastic, heh.