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tonight I tried to go from 1.61 to 1.62 using a macbook pro with snow leopard (10.6.3), an opcode midiport32 & sysex librarian.

of course, what happened next was dead octopus. y’all might’ve warned me! so anyway, here I am, back at the forum after months of silence to tell you this: you can fix the octopus with a macbook pro & these items:

follow the usb pdf to the letter, except for this: you MUST change the "transfer convert" setting (in the "file" menu) to "binary data".

be very careful not to make any typos.

I believe- I could be wrong- that there’s actually a typo or at least a "different to how mine turned out" in the pdf itself; the very last listing of what the successful upload shows in the terminal when you ask for a flash-listing…. I have attached mine. in case it doesn’t attach, the entry that’s different is the memory address value corresponding to the actual elf file; mine shows the same number as the flash address, while in the pdf it’s a different number there.
gabriel, do you know why this is? my octopus is working again, fwiw, a mere hour into the nightmare of no LEDs & me thinking the power supply had died.


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