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Hi, I use the Octopus as the Midi Center Master Machine in my Hybris Studio. In Logic 8 (:evil: no midi Clock in anymore :angry:) I use a setup with the channel splitter. The Mac Book Pro is connected via Core Midi via USB with the AMT 8. The Octopus Midi Output 1 is connected (In /Out) to the Virus Polar dirctly and the Midi Out 2 is connected to a Midi Thru Box from Midi Solution. From the Midi Thru Box I route one output to the AMT 8 IN (to access Logic) and the other to external Hardware Synth I can access the devices via different Midi channels. I also habe a Spectralis connected as Slave to this but here I have an Event Box (Midi Solution) between which filteres out all midi note information. I use the Spectralis as the Drum and analoge bass machine in the setup and controll pattern remote with midi controllers.