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Yeah yeah yeah.
Drum programming on the Octopus is great.
It’s like when you’d see the grid for some of the digital gear Roland had such as the R8 or the 707 and you had the visual relation of where all the hits were falling, except now you can grab them all and move them without having to move around between edit screens.

Even the 909 16 step grid which is fun and fast seems archaic after you start using all the multiple tracks on the octopus at the same time and have different lengths running. I think you’ll like working with more velocity levels too rather than the couple accents provided.

I have a machinedrum myself and still use the internal sequencer in that because the step lock parameters work so well internally and I like the single step copy to multiple step pasting you can do on it once you’ve heard something you like on a step.

I will agree that you want the Octopus as the master’ll feel like you’re flying the spaceship around. :-)