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Can someone please describe what OSC is or provide
a reference?

I am also an analogue head – I’ve got lots of
mono synths and modular gear, that I have tended
to drive using the Frostwave Quad CV interface.
I also use MIDI clock extensively, so my evil plan
is to use the Octopus as Clock Master, send the
clock all over the place to various arpeggiators
and triggers. The Octopus would also be my sequencer
now, with Logic just acting as a sync’d up audio
recorder and MIDI router. So the big thing with
MIDI for me is totally reliable and solid sync.

Perhaps instead of trying to refit a MIDI/CV into
the Octopus,perhaps that USB port could be used for
something and a 10 channel CV/Gate/Sync breakout
box could be designed. I haven’t got my Octopus
yet – it comes next week but how is the breakout box
on it attached by that flexi pipe? There seems to
be plenty of room to stick another output box
on there?

I am really getting more excited about this.
I can’t wait and I am almost beside myself
with anticipation when I finally have this thing
driving my mono synths :woohoo:


Oh, and in case you are wondering, Octopus will probably go where OSCar is, or perhaps where MiniMoog
is. Octopus is exactly the same size as a MiniMoog.
On my desk (obscured) is a Moog Phatty. I was thinking of putting Octopus there, but it won’t fit.


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