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fairplay wrote:

gseher wrote:

the musical value points you feel you should be getting, but think that MIDI does not deliver


…nice – besides OSC-support – would be to have CV-outs…maaaany of them ;o)

…at the moment I sending MIDI to an MCV24 (Doepfer) and two MT-16s (Analogue Solutions), which convert it all together into 56 CV-outs…B)

Wasn’t there some talk early on about a midi/cv add on to the Octopus? or is that an hallucination?

Most of my synths at this point are semi-modular and modular analogs – that’s one thing that I don’t feel subjectively with midi sequencers going through an external midi/cv device as much as with a pure analog sequencer – there is an immediacy with the connection between, say, my modcan 54b and my analog stuff, or even with my sam-16, that just isn’t there with a midi sequencer. But, all things being equal, I much prefer working within the analog domain as much as possible than with midi.

Of course, there are also things that you can do with analog sequencers that you can’t with midi – audio rate sequencing, for instance….and, their hardware seems to be designed more with certain types of interaction in mind – individual gate outputs with switching, sequential switching of audio (sam-16 is very cool for this), combination of vertical and horizontal sequencing (tkb is great for this). What am I getting at? Not sure, but I’d love to see Genoqs make an analog sequencer with the same kind of innovative spirit that went into the octopus.