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I have no problems with it, per se, but the way the Octopus forces my cc maps to certain values is problematic. If I could designate a value for each row to send on a particular map (say, by holding that track selector and entering a value in the tempo ring while looking at the CC map), then I could achieve what I wanted. When I’m modulating, say, filter cutoff, I often want it to end on an exact setting.

OSC is pretty great, but since none of my hardware uses it, and you can use something like Max to transform MIDI into OSC for software, it isn’t currently an issue.

Is this thread brought on by the discussion on the elektron user forums, gabriel? That’s me (neuromodulator) talking about the Octopus there.

Seriously, since all my hardware is MIDI only, any questions about the limitations of MIDI is kind of moot, from my point of view.