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Lazy morning here, so why not answer this :)

Midi: I find there is two major issues for me. (Stuff that I live with, but if I was designing the midi protocol today I would never do it like that).

1. Timing is serial. This has just been a bummer from day one. Put too many notes on a beat, and you have sloppiness. Unfortunately we tend to get use to this sloppyness, so we forget how it sounds when notes do come at the same time.

2. Resolution of CC is too low. Take your favorite analogue synth and sweep the filter manually (with the analogue pot). Then setup a midi-controller to do the same sweep on the same synth. The difference is obvious to those of us who care.

Apart from that, most of my problems with midi, comes from instruments that are not well designed (in regard to midi-implementation.) (Hehe, right now I am thinking of a very nice new 8 voice synth from the inventor of midi :S It has some issues, and even bugs, but once a product like that is on the street nobody cares. Oops, gotta have my coffee now).

@ Rachel: Nice setup, basicly the same kind of stuff here. But why would you want to refit anything into the Octo? Just hook up something like a Kenton Pro2000, and your cv/gate stuff is in buissness.
BTW, what modular stuff do you use? I see the System 100, but is there more?
EDIT: Ah, just spotted the little Doepfer also.

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