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Hi, I have splitup my setup in a pure Hardware based one and a Software based one. This reduces complexity and Latency. Hardware Setup: The Octopus as "the Master" controlles & triggers the Virus TI Polar in Multimode, the Monomachine, a Spectralis and a Microwave I. All connected to a Macki Pult. I record the sum output in a ZOOM H2 portable Audio recorder and rework (mastern) it later on my MACBOOOK Pro. Alternativ I record it direct in Live.

Software Setup: I use Logic Pro and Live with Plugins and Kore 2, MS 20 Controller. (The Macbook Pro has only 2 USB Ports :evil:)

Sometims in the Hardware setup I use the Macbook with Live as a Slave of Octopus.

I think with a pure HW Setup you can do most what you want. Hybrid makes it more complex.B)