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CarlLofgren wrote:

robert wrote:

Maybe you already statet it, but how does the MPC behave when slaved to Live in your setup?

And what exactly is your MIDI setup? How’s the stuff connected?

Hm. Let’s make things more simple by leaving out the MPC for now. It’s not the main concern anyway.

Setup. Huu… Dell laptop, Dual core, 2 GB RAM, XP Pro SP2, Alesis Firewire interface, EMU 2×2 MIDI interface, Virus TI, and of course the O. Live 7.07.

Connections goes like this

Octopus Out goes to EMU MIDI in, and EMU MIDI out goes Octpus In.

You need to try and isolate the problem – as robert said – try and sync the mpc and ableton (get rid of the octopus altogether for the moment) and see if there are still timing problems (i think there will be)… or try sync the octopus to cubase – i suspect everything will be fine with cubase and there is some problem inside ableton…

250ms is a lot, it shouldn’t be anything like that – it makes me think the problem has to be inside ableton somewhere – are you using the correct ASIO audio driver in ableton? make sure you’re not using the wdm/directx driver… there must be something in the software settings that is causing the lag as the hardware seems fairly straightforward – i have much more complicated setups and have no issues with latency or lag

The other possibility is that you have got some sort of crazy midi loop that is causing problems – but i think you’d have much bigger problems if that was the case…

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