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Gene Schwartz

robert wrote:

CarlLofgren wrote:

robert wrote:

And what happens with the MPC then?

It starts alright – but if I record anything (in the MPC sequencer that is) the MPC have interpreted my bangings on the pads into something quite weird.

Weird as in timing? Notes?

But that’s a problem local to the MPC, no?
I don’t see how the Octopus in involved in this picture.

Weird as in timing and notes. Both yes. We can leave out the Octopus-MPC connection at the moment, but it’s quite sure it’s not an MPC related issue. I have been syncing it with Cubase 4 for ages, and never experienced any problems like this.

But that’s besides the point.

What I am trying to understand at this point, is how Live users use their setup with Octopus. As I said – I use the Octopus as a slave and the computer as a master. With that setup I have to trim the sync offset to around 250 ms to get it right.