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Hi Wilson,

Interesting point.

It seems the issue is not the 14 bit resolution, but rather, if I understand you correctly, that you have 2 incoming MIDI CC streams "at the same time". Is that correct for an assumption? Is that some sort of output from the touch pad of the voyager, or how is it generated?

Octopus is able to record 14 bits resolution for the controllers that need it, btw. but it knows when it needs 14 bits and when 7 will suffice, according to the MIDI spec.

Anyway – if you are trying to record this kind of stuff, I may have to think of a way to not make the tracks lock to the auto-sensed CC coming in. That’s good in some cases and not others. Maybe allow CC auto-sense only if one track is set to record, as opposed to more than one?

In that case you could set more than one track to record, lock in their CCs, and the input would get filtered across the tracks, recording your touch pad movement accurately. This can of course be extended to up to 10 tracks in a page.

What do others think?

Let me know some more details.