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Adam Wilson

Nice new approach to the chord data!

While it definitely can be used to insert some rests in the chord, it could also be used to set the polyphony of a step, also used for the random-pick-from-pool feature, and now for polyphony values larger than 1! I don’t think however it can do both. Let me see:

chord-size == note-count: normal behavior.

chord-size > note-count: inserts one or more rests.

chord-size < note-count: this could be the polyphony indicator as well as well as the trigger for the random-pick-from-pool feature, but… there’s no way to specify rests now, and I want those in.

I really, really think the random-pick-from-pool with polyphony larger than 1 (random chords!) will be super cool, and you just found a really nice way to specify this. So my suggestion would be:

1. Use the 5-step button press cycle to set a note as on-1, on-2, on-3, rest, and off in the note circle.

2. Use your new chord-size approach to set polyphony between 1 and 7. If polyphony is smaller than number of notes+rests defined in the chord, the random-from-chord-pool feature is enabled for that step, with indicated polyphony.

Btw, the links from the email notification to the replaced threads are all broken.

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