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OK, need your help on this one.

Traditionally, to compose a chord on a step you hold down any of the chord buttons and enter your notes. Then you release the chord button and you are done. The chord block serves as a cardinality indicator (number of notes in the chord), but the buttons are not different in function. So far.

I have introduced a new twist, called chord size (working name). Chord size is different from chord cardinality in that it is independent and user definable between 1 and 7, you guessed it, using the chord block buttons.

When chord size and cardinality are the same you have the old model. Step plays a chord as expected.
Btw, size is shown in green, cardinality in red. When they overlap it’s orange, and we have the old model in place.

When chord size differs from the cardinality.. what do you think should happen?
Chord size is nice in (and originates from) the random pool pick scenario because it easily gives you access to "rests", when size is greater than cardinality. But I have a feeling we can do a bit more with it in the cases where we don’t do pool picking.

Now I need your thoughts..