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Adam Wilson

I just read the section on Step events. Cool, will have to play with those. Anyway, it looks like the step’s AMT property is only used to control the effect of the step events on the step.

I’m proposing to use this same AMT value as a factor on the amount of randomness used to pick another note (or rest) from the pool. The higher the AMT value, the wilder the random pick. With a AMT value of 0, the base note will be picked in all cases.

I mentioned this before in this thread, but I now think I have a knob for this. I also wonder if the GRV property can be used to play a role…

Anyway, when using step events, the AMT and GRV properties should work as they’ve always done. Don’t change anything there. Having AMT used for both the random-from-pool feature *and* step events can have fun effects. For starters, it would mean that I can modulate the random-from-pool randomness by using AMT step events… I think, lol.