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robert wrote:

This one is easy to explain: I have a dimly lit studio and the LEDs are too bright for me in that situation. They prevent me from reading the print on the front panel. Would it be possible to attenuate the brightness using a button + main encoder knob?

We have tried to find the best fit for playing in an out-door and studio enviroment
and since Octopus is out we never have had this feedback and feature wish
from our users so far. Unfortunately the LEDs on the Octopus are not "dimmable".
So there is only one brightness possible. To change it would mean to change
the hardware of the Octopus with different components which is quite costly.
If anyone wants to have the Octopus changed "darker" please contact us directly.

Would be a help for you to use an USB Lamp to be able to ready the print
also in your dimly lit studio?

Does somebody has the contrary opinon about the brightness of the Legacy or
BlackSea Octopus?