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Yes I would definitely think using all notes on a particular channel would be a more elegant solution, but only having access to 127 values makes it a bit ugly. You either need multiple channels, or need to exclude some pages from the triggering scheme. Maybe only allow triggering of pages 1-12 in each row?

My original intent was to trigger tracks to get effects like arpeggiation, stuttering, inter-track craziness. Then the concept of triggering a "page" is just triggering all component tracks of that page.

If you just have page-triggering, it would lend itself more to "outside" song building or live improvisation, the octopus becomes a sort of MIDI sampler. Definitely cool also, just not my direction :-) I don’t think there would be much need to trigger pages from within a page itself because we already have the grid construct for this.

Anyways, I’m sure Gabriel has more words of wisdom in this respect.