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Adam Wilson

LDT wrote:

Robert, this is what I am refering to:

And to recap: I think the above could accomodate track trigger as well.

I think a "unique selling point" (now being a salesman, haha) is that even if you have a small keyboard controller, you can have the 7 pages and 4 tracks (that may be spread all over your matrix) that you want to be able to trigger in your particular project, set up on your keyboard on adjacent keys to your own taste. This is as I see it the only way to achieve some kind of playability.
Anybody who has ever set up (or played with) multiple sampled loops assigned to a keyboard will know that putting the assigned keys close together is what makes sense. If you have assigned C#1, D#3, B#3, A5 and F5, you do not have playability.
This playability again transfers to when you want a track in Octopus to trigger pages/tracks via virtual midi: Turn the pitch knob one or two steps, and you trigger another page. Otherwise you would have a hard time "finding" the relevant pitches with your pitch knob.

Hi Lars, sorry for not being clear enough, but your proposal, extended with track triggering is indeed what I like to see. The idea that you can freely assign up to 127 notes to pages and tracks, in a fashion that allows for range of intuitively assigned notes is very tempting, yes. Much more preferred over a set of statically assigned notes, spread over the full range of the keyboard.

I truly dig the idea of using a virual MIDI port to trigger stuff in other pages. Oh man, life *can* be good! ;)