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Attila Sik

yeah the p3s funky !… i only wish i had enough space for more gear , i very nearly bought one a a few years back – last one colin was doing but i then got onto the octopus ….. i do agree – multiple sequencers is cool and like multiple external synths leads to a different set of results – i will admit my sequencer desires have been severly quenched since i got the octopus though.I think the p3 was ahead of its time and remains a bit of a classic . . .maybe a p4 oneday ?


You could maybe look for a second hand Sequentix P3 to run alongside your genoQs gear. The P3’s aux events cover tempo/timebase changes (as well as a host of other stuff) and you can automate them, use accumulators to progressively change or morph them etc. etc.
I imagine lots of us have more than one synth so owning more than one sequencer can also be a good thing. :)