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Carlos Dalla-Fiore

Very, very good to hear.
Does anyone have a link to instructions on dealing with these elf files?

I’d like to add i’ve had very good results syncing my hardware boxes to Ableton Live with this free project:

It outputs sync24 (from a soundcard with DC-coupled outputs) so you need something to efficiently turn that into midi clock. I’ve had good results with a KMS-30, but the (relatively cheap) TR-707 and 727 boxes are very good at turning sync into midi clock; And good fun to jam with too..My 707 has a 25 pin sub-d connection to fry its brain with a patchable bend box when i get tired with the stock sounds.

He just released an AC version which should work with standard soundcards using tape-sync. Again you’ll need a box like the KMS or 707 that can deal with it though.