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Philip Clinckspoor

I’m not sure if you mean whether it can create a fast series of triggers on a single step? I think yes, there are 48 pre-programmed groove presets. You can select any step (equalling a 16th note duration) and choose one of the groove presets. The groove presets are similar to a midi delay function found in DAW’s like Cubase, and each preset is different. The cool thing about it is that you can incrementally reduce or accelerate the speed of the additionally generated triggers. So suppose a certain groove preset gives you 3 extra triggers with an 8th-note spacing, you can change the 8th-note value to 16th notes, 32nd notes, also dotted note values etc. I think this way it is possible to create a "speed roll" effect.

I’ve been wondering whether we can program our own groove presets, does anyone know?