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robert wrote:

I don’t think the page length property and track retrigger mode should be linked this way, because the result would be that pages with a page length less than 16 steps can no longer have tracks larger than that same amount of steps.

Let me explain. Image a page with two tracks, one 8-step track with drums, and a 24-step track with some ambient space stuff on it. The drum track is what I call the ‘dominant’ track, I don’t want the page to be cut off in the middle of that track. To guarantee this, I set page lenght to 8 steps, so I know the page will always run full 8-step cycles before the page is switched.

Suppose my page is put in a cluster, and I want it to repeat 3 times. That’s 3 x 8 = 24 steps before the next page in the cluster is selected. During those 24 steps I want my 21-step track of course to run it’s full cycle.

However, this proposal cuts off all tracks to 8 steps (in this example), because when page length is set to a value less than 16, all tracks will be automatically retriggered when the page cycles, which is at 8 steps in this example. My beautiful 21-step track is butchered down to the first 8 steps. Arrrrggghhh! ;)

That is, I *think* this would happen. ;)<br /><br />P

How about using step skips to adjust your drum track to 8 steps of length and then set the page length to 24? Wouldn’t that work?