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Hi IX,I would beware the update process.

My machine is now officialy dead,no response at all,even the boot loader seems to have gone.All I get via hyperterm is a small ‘x_’

The USB update process seemed to work,up untill the octopus closed the connection after having accepted the new .elf file.It then sent out some info to the screen, but not at all what is written in the update manual.
Specificaly it wrote only the first few expected characters, and then stopped with a horizontal flashing cursor.Not the ‘Octopus vertical cursor ‘I had hoped for.

At one point I did a fis list and got a perfect match to the manual but did not write it to memory as I had not yet done the previous command,and the manual emphasizes the importance of exactly following the steps.

Bloddy digital tech and manuals written by techies.Sorry Gabriel.

I retried the elf transmission process and at some point it just died when I pushed the reset button.

I should emphasize that my machine is not earthed.
And that the reset button had been a source of problems before for me.
I therefore never used it,except for updates.
I maybe alone with this problem.

Furthermore,the update manual does not explain hyperterm much so that can cause confusion for non tech people like me.

Funny,one reason for buying Octopus was to get out of the computer.

I now fly away for 6 months to stay warm,the Octopus is boxed and waiting to be returned to Genoqs when I come back in April.

Sorry Sorry tale.