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I’m not sure that’s possible, but on the bright side, there’s a lot of information here that pertains to problems that have already been fixed as OS updates have become available, so it no longer applies.

In the Yahoo group we have been summarizing the outstanding issues and keeping relevant files.

The matter of updating has accounted for much of this forum’s conversation. There’s help at the Yahoo group for accomplishing USB updates, and tips and tricks have been put in documents there.

There were some calls here for threads about how we use Octopus in our setups, but with low forum traffic those threads never really took off. I hope similar ones will, in the mailing list format.

Most of the downloadable stuff from this site is now copied to the Yahoo group–manuals, PDF’s and some images–with the exception of genoQs’ beautiful PDF’s that showcase the different models in photos. Yahoo doesn’t offer enough room for them. I suggest grabbing those for yourself if you are interested, and we’ll find someplace to host them if we have to. They certainly won’t be lost.

Realistically, some people prefer forums to groups. Forums are a more recent phenomenon, but the folks who have been around longer tend to like mailing lists, because conversation comes right to their in-box. It’s the best of all worlds to have both, as we do now.

Your concern is shared, but I think we’re doing all right. If there’s subject matter here you think shouldn’t be lost, alert us in the group, and you or I can do some copying and pasting!