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my Octopus arrived yesterday but I’ve only just
powered it up and got it in the rack.

I still have to hook up the MIDI ports to my AMT
but I will do that shortly.

It seems I have Serial Number #NC001 – is this
significant? Doesn’t "NC" mean "New Classic"
and if so, is it #001 in the series? I am surprised
if #001 ended up in Australia!

Anyway, it seems to have OS 1.42 installed. That is,
if I am reading the display correctly. When I go into
System Mode, the number 100 is lit, plus numbers
1,3,4 in red and 2 in green – so that is 1.42, right?

Once I get confirmation, I will need to do the
update to 1.60 or latest. How many files do
I need to do this?