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rachel wrote:

You’d be surprised how few questions you will
have to ask. One I got over my Logic/MIDI Integration
setup issues, I have had no trouble at all. The Octopus is so intuitive and simple to use, it really is amazing.
I am so glad I got mine.

Don’t try and do too much at once. Just concentrate
on getting it setup with whatever system you use for music production and you’ll find the Octopus will
just take you where you want to be.

There are lots of mysteries to unravel, but it’s a bit
like reading the Harry Potter books – lots of mysteries
but none so hard as to leave you bewildered – just enjoyable!


Sounds advice indeed, thanks! The Octopus does seem very intuative, definitely one of those rare pieces of technology that draw you in, but as you say, one step at a time…

That said I had a few hours with it yesterday then the phone rang late last night to confirm a job I’d been waiting to get the green light on! The good thing is the Vampire is perfect for this, I always feel the best way to learn something in the heat of battle! :)

I read the description of your Logic solution, seems very well thought out, I might pick your brains over that if I get stuck though! Right now I’m looking at having the Vampire run it’s own bank of real synths, leaving Logic to deal with the virtual world, plus of course midi, audio and video and act as the master clock. Either way I’ll figure it out over the weekend… I hope!