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Well, Robert, I think if we did get it built, they would adopt it. I just think waiting for them to build it might involve waiting forever. Isn’t that what happened with your step phrases (that was you, wasn’t it?)? You came up with a feature they liked so much they made it a permanent part of the OS?

Prime NL:

1) I’m not sure it’s feasible. I’m guessing the brain (i.e. CPU and memory) of the Octopus are so cheap that they used the same parts in the Nemo, but it’s a guess. Robert, who is more knowledgeable than I, thinks it may be possible.

2) See 1.

3) Because I thought it would maybe help find a programmer.

4) Well, the money is a means to find a programmer. The end of finding a programmer, ten people or no, is the important thing. I can’t see how someone with a Nemo and the ability to do this wouldn’t want it done – Robert is an exception because he happens to also own an Octopus, so it’s somewhat redundant for him. Do you have any suggestions on how to get more attention?