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I have the ploytech pedal. It works well.
I use it mostly to sync a V-Synth XT.
It has a merge so that you can put your keyboard signal through it and it will be merged with the clock generated from the pedal, you can tap half time or each beat, if you tap while it’s running it will either readapt slowly or immediately depending on a dip switch that you need to set up in advance (according to style).
The batteries last forever.

Remember that you’ll most likely need to retrigger the sequencer more than once in a while.
That depends on the skills of the musicians, the structure, the number of them and obviously the music style, and whatever other considerations you may want to make .

I have used it with a couple of bands, where it was clear that the drummer had to listen a bit to what was going on, ie. have monitors mix properly set up make a little effort, it clearly worked best for me and we could do entire songs without too much rehersal.

I have used a it quite a few times it with another band as a guest and in semi-ethnic jams and I could blend it in but had to retrigger quite a bit. In the latter, I couldn’t get more than 6 bars straight unless I was leading.

Anyway long story short, it works, your mileage may vary, if you have any other question just ask. The only gripe I have is that sometime I would prefer tapping with hand rather than with foot (is sometimes more precise and more practical depending on your setup).

I had made a request once for tap tempo on the octopus, I don’t think it was considered a priority.