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As of now you can CPY/PST individual steps, once you mark them selected using the SEL button. But this is likely not what you are looking for.

Well it might be what I am looking for, but I dont really know what you are talking about now, haha.

Are you saying that in page mode you can copy/paste individual steps? I did not know that. I just went through the Page chapter of the manual (also searched in other chapters) but I can´t find any info. Please tell…

Anyway to point out what I am looking for:
You know, in Grid mode you grab a page, press CPY, grab a destination, press PST, and you just copied a page.
I am looking for exactly the same in Page mode. The same intuitive imidiateness to step copying.
As it is, I have gone into Step mode every time I wanted to copy a step, but it sounds like there is something I may have overlooked?