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I was actually thinking the other way around, as found on DAWs: when selecting a midi track for record in Live or Logic, the DAW will accept incoming MIDI data from whatever channel, and ‘re-channel’ the data to the channel number assigned to the DAW’s selected track.

Exactly. I too was a bit surprised to find that I had to change the channel that was going into the Octopus. In my setup it is fairly easy for me to change the channel, because it is routed via a track in Ableton, but if you just have a typical synthesizer going into the Octopus it would be a real pain.

So when I select an Octo track for record, and the Octo track is set to channel #5, and it records MIDI data emitted by a keyboard over MIDI channel #3, the data will end up on the track having MIDI channel #5, as defined for that track.

Exactly. This would really boost the intuitiveness (if that is a word) when recording. The only thing (as I see it) that it would conflict with is multitrack (different midi channels) recording. Maybe we could just keep the current mode as a secondary mode (double click on record?).