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Hi Gabriel,

I think I was just being an idiot.

I have the Octopus driving a CV/Gate rig
and I think I miskeyed my settings.

When tuning, I set the A440 on the System 100
relative to a note pressed on a MIDI keyboard,
which should be an A3.

This can also be offsset by the Sequencer 104
and so I need to tune that as well.

Then when I was sending Midi note A 440 from the
Octopus, I had mistakenly first transposed my
MIDI controller, so it was offset by that amount.

After I realised what I had done, I recalibrated and
tuned everything and setup a basic page on the Octopus
with the correct defaults, but it took me a long
time and frustration!

There are so many places to offset the MIDI notes,
I just got caught up in it all!