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Mmm, the Octopus is driving the System 100, Oscar
and Doepfer nicely! I am making a lot of progress in one sense, but haven’t got my keyboard input problems solved yet. I got a MIDI Thru box but it turns out it will not work with my controller as it doesn’t buss power the Thru box. So I am back to some
other solution.

As I mentioned in another post,
which probably got overlooked, I was wondering if the
MIDI echo function was able to be soft switched,
so it could be enabled/disabled at will?

After playing with my setup for a bit, I figure this
would actually be a good soft solution, for integration
with a controller keyboard, so that the controller
is sending note input and triggering the notes
for record or monitoring, but with the echo off,
it’s not going to feed back into the controller
with a data loop. Does any of this make sense?

In any case, I note the timing of the Octopus
is very good. It’s interrupt driven, of course
which makes it very snappy processing wise.