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Thanks gseher.

The way I’m thinking I could work well with a Nemo is to use both the Nemo and an MPC1000 to do all my midi sequencing. This would mean I would need to merge the outputs of both the MPC and the Nemo to send it to the same chain of equipment

So that way if the MPC was the master I could sometimes switch to a blank page on the Nemo while I play a preprepared section on the MPC, then move back to the Nemo again. I’d see the Nemo as sequencing probably 95% of the time. But that 5% of pre-prepared material is vital to my music.

So that’s why I asked about external pgmchange, this would really help my workflow with the Nemo if the MPC is sometimes the sequence master. When I go to a prepared section on the MPC I could automatically switch the Nemo to a blank page.

I am concerned about the fact that pages can only be restored to their original location, but I imagine I could work around that. All my concerns about making music with the Nemo are gone.

But.. and there’s a big but.

The use of Sysex as the storage format is a major turn off for me.

I’ll be totally honest, in a unit costing €1400 (which actually has a USB connection onboard) this seems like a very inflexible and antiquated choice. The use of sysex for OS update and non critical tasks at home is fine… I am used to this and comfortable with it.

But to add a Nemo to my gig setup would require an extra piece of equipment to recall states via sysex. I really hope you guys think hard about this one because it seems a major compromise to me.

I have total respect for the project and it’s an incredible achievement for a small company. I really hope this is something which can be addressed.